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Enjoy little ones!


We have lots of updates coming your way my lovelies! Can you believe it’s all over?! We can’t! - Stay tuned for coverage of our event on Ustream and fantastic photos from the big day! xx

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Look this crazy way of upcycling your old beloved Barbie Dolls! 

We LOVE it! 


Upcycled Jewellery by Margaux Lange

Pre-owned Barbie dolls and Barbie’s accessories form a jewellery collection handmade by artist Margaux Lange. Barbie is being transformed into wearable pieces of art.

Source: ecouterre 

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Celebrity Crush of the Week

Our Celebrity Crush this week is none other than the ultimate heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio.

Leo has been an advocate of eco-living for many years and recently bought a new state-of-the-art ‘green’ condo in NYC!

[The Condo] is complete with a fresh filtered air system, an in-house water treatment facility, low-emission paints and finishes, and rotating solar panels.

- via

Amazing, right?

For tips on living green within a major city, visit for a new idea daily.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women in the world who gave us all the chance to live!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women in the world who gave us all the chance to live!

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Check out this amazing post from Lavoise blog about sustainable fashion pioneer Rachael Cassar!


Rachael Cassar is a high-end women-wear sustainable fashion label who uses the process of deconstruction to create garments that are ‘one offs’ comprised of 90% recycled materials. There is a lot of waste on this earth so instead of creating more waste with new materials she challenges herself by re-using existing waste to create ‘new’. From preloved garments to antique finds, carefully choosing quality pre claimed fabrics to create a cohesive ‘sustainable range’ without compromising style and design for ‘environmental friendliness’

(via trendischic-deactivated20140131)

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Celebrity Crush of the Week!

This week our Celebrity Crush goes to the team at Giorgio Armarni!

As you will know from our previous posts Giorgio Armani is one of the many fashion houses who are taking part in Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge. They recently produced the infamous black and white gown made from plastic bottles which Livia wore for the Golden Globes.

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London Fashion Weekend SS12

Want to know what Dress:UP team members Lauren Townsend and Amy Griffiths got up to when they were invited to attend London Fashion Weekend?

READ HERE to find out all the juicy info!

London Fashion Weekend 2012

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Tuesday talk #3

Abigail Mesnard (18) and Juliette Richards (20), Arts & Event Management students with a special interest in fashion.


What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

A: In such a greed-ridden world it represents people being kind to Mother Nature and breaking through the barriers of  “throw-away-fashion”.

J: I think of eco-friendly materials made into clothes, like linen: eco-friendly and fabulous!

What is you favourite thing in your closet?

A: My favourite thing in my closet is my orange dress because it´s my favourite colour!

J: My favourite thing in my closet is definitely my fur jacket because it is a family heirloom and has a sentimental value.

Who or what inspires your personal style?

A: Kate Middleton, hands down! She is timeless and classy.

J:  A mix of things inspire me, for example indie style/ more controversial style. Audrey Hepburn meets Vanessa Hudgens.

Who do you admire when it comes to “friendly-fashion”?

A: I admire Emma Watson because she´s a pioneer for People Tree.

J: I admire what charity shops stand for!

Big thanks to Abigail and Juliette for sharing their views in this weeks Tuesday Talk! <3


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Check out &#8216;Shameless USA&#8217; star Emmy Rossum at the Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party in this fabulous eco-friendly ensemble made partially from Pineapple fibres!

We LOVE it!

Check out ‘Shameless USA’ star Emmy Rossum at the Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party in this fabulous eco-friendly ensemble made partially from Pineapple fibres!

We LOVE it!

Celebrity Crush of the Week!

Our Celebrity Crush this week is….

*Drum-Roll Please!*

The innovative, the beautiful, the fantastic: Safia Minney

Safia has managed to turn her passion for environmental, trade and social justice issues into a Fair Trade business, known globally as label People Tree and she is now regarded as the world’s foremost commentators of Fair Trade in the fashion industry. WOW!

People Tree itself is know worldwide and runs collections for men, women, children and more recently a young adults line designed by actress and previous Celebrity Crush Emma Watson, called ‘Love, Emma’. In 2008 People Tree won the Best Ethical E-tailer category at the Cosmopolitan Online Fashion Awards.

Minney started her career in Marketing and Publishing and has since gone on to work from a number of Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and has also created her own NGO - Global Village which is now a company and part of the IFAT.

In September 2004 Safia was selected as one of the world’s most ‘Oustanding Social Entrepreneurs’ by the Schwab Foundation and she was also named Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the Edge Upstart Awards in 2005.

And to top it all off Safia Minney was appointed an MBE in 2009 for her impressive efforts in the social, environmental and fashion sectors!

More recently Safia has been working on her book, Naked Fashion, which explores fashion’s impact on the earth and the damage done by big retailers as well as providing a few upbeat solutions to these problems and anecdotes and small contributions from notable people she has worked with in the past.

Minney continues to pioneer and lead the way in ethical fashion, her creative outlook, bright nature and passionate attitude towards our world are an inviting combination for anybody (whether they be celebrity or not) to want to endorse and become a part of this phenomenon..

Safia Minney (MBE), we salute thee on a job well done! 

Tuesday Talk #2

Lauren Yvonne Townsend (19)

Arts & Event Management student with a love for fashion.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

To me, sustainable fashion is a way to express yourself through what you wear, while also providing a better standard of living for those who work so hard to make the clothes.

What is you favourite thing in your closet?

My favourite thing in my closet is my yr. 11-prom dress, because it makes me feel like a princess every time I put it on. It is pewter coloured and has beautiful subtle details. (see photo)

Who or what inspires your personal style?

I´m often inspired by designers like Valentino & Gucci. Stores like Topshop and celebrity styles such as Emma Watson and Sienna Miller inspire me. I´m also inspired by my cousin Aleisha who has an awesome sense of style.

Who do you admire when it comes to “friendly-fashion”?

I admire people like Safia Minney (founder of People Tree), Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti. 

A big thanx to Lauren for a great tuesday talk! xx

Happy 19th to our very own Lauren!

Hey all Dress: UP followers, join us in wishing our wonderful Lauren a happy 19th! You are brilliant and beautiful babe and we all love you! xxx

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Dress Down Friday

Sustainable fashion and eco-friendliness in the fashion industry is as much an ART and EXPRESSION as painting a masterpiece or creating a visually stunning dance number.

This blog entry from Juxtapozeinc really inspired us to look into unique, creative and imaginative ways materials we can all reuse and remix to create our clothes.

The designers do use fabric from old clothing, just as we are promoting, but they also use plastics, discarded parachutes, military blankets and even unwanted wood chips!


Rescuing discarded materials like parachutes, military blankets, shower curtains, wood chips and festival tents from the dumpster, eco-minded designers create couture that ranges from the cute and totally wearable to the artistic and avant-garde. Whether it’s ready for the rack…

Now, we’re not saying to be fashion forward you have to become a master carpenter, but just take a moment to think of all the different materials you have at your disposal in your home, your school or your workplace and think how that Pepsi can you threw out last night could become a ball gown, or that old metro you left on the seat of the bus could transform your wardrobe.

Just think of all the possibilities!

Love always,

Dress:UP x

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